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Relaxation and enjoyment

There's nothing better after a hard day than

to unwind and relax to the sounds of gently flowing water.


Start enjoying your own personal outdoor escape - and the increase in value to your property - today.

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The most Beautiful & Natural water features in St. Louis!

Honestly, over the years we have built some of the most beautiful and natural water features you can imagine. Weather it was a fish-filled pond, a babbling brook, a splashing fountain or the most popular "pondess" water feature.  Let the water feature experts at Earthscapes & Construction create a serene outdoor retreat for you to enjoy in your own yard.

With so many options in a waterfeature it is important to seek professionals who have the experince to know whats best for you.

Possible water features:

Enjoy the friendly, experienced service and attention to detail.

 •  Ponds

 •  Streams

 •  Fountains

 •  Waterfalls

 •  Reflecting pools

 •  Cascades

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